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Design and installation of electrical distribution lines in low and medium voltage overhead cables and underground;

Supply and installation of electrical substations for medium and low voltage;

Installation of street lighting;

Design and installation of electrical systems powered by renewable sources;

Design and implementation, including all related and similar activities (request "energy account", construction management, global conformity assessment) of both grid-connected photovoltaic systems that stand alone, solar hot water and wind power as well as groups cogeneration of heat and electric operating with the internal combustion engine;

Energy certification, consulting for the development of all the paperwork required by government agencies;

Consulting to carry out the activities for connection to the Enel distribution network (IEC 016 and technical rules of the distributor network);

Certification IAFR plants fueled by renewable sources; entire activity of the Ferracin Srl is geared to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for customers. The methodological approach to the problems, and the solution carried out by qualified and experienced personnel, is to guarantee the quality of service offered;

Construction site safety and management activities.